La Biblioteca

The Palatine Library, situated right from the beginning in Palazzo della Pilotta owes its foundation to the enlightened cultural policies of dukes Philip and Ferdinand of Bourbon and to the work of librarian Paolo Maria Paciaudi, who was the first in Italy to use mobile cards for cataloguing authors.

Fitted with wooden shelving designed by Petitot and divided by subject matter into six main groups (theology, nomology, philosophy, history, philology, liberal arts), the Palatine Library was opened in May 1769; from the outset it was granted the right to print and was open to the public. Librarian Angelo Pezzana was responsible for acquiring several private collections of exceptional value and for creating the “Marie Louise” Reading Room (1830).

Since the Unification of Italy the library has belonged to the State. In 1889 it was annexed to the Music Section at the Conservatory of Parma.

Opening hours:

PALATINE LIBRARY from Monday to Thursday 8.10 – 19.10; Friday and Saturday 8.10 – 13.40, Sunday closed.


PALATINE LIBRARY tel. 0521 220441; e-mail:; website:


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